Events in May

Next Spalding Workshop

The next workshop topic at Spalding Library, on the 13th May, will be Building a Believable World II. We’ll be looking at some tools writers can use to make their worlds more real, and some writing techniques for this.

Poster for Building a Believable World II

Builidng a Believable World II Poster

May Fiction Fix

The May Fiction Fix is at the usual location, The Draper’s Arms, at 8 pm on May 7th. This is a free night out, with local authors reading from their work. Please come along and support it.

May Fiction Fix Poster

May Fiction Fix Poster

Author Event at Oundle Literature Festival

Stop press! I will be part of the Oundle Literature Festival, at a local author event on Friday May 5th. The fun starts at 7.30 pm, at St Peter’s Church, Church St., Oundle, when I and 2 other local authors will be interviewed by Helen Shair, who started and runs the Oundle Literature Festival. tickets are just £5, and after each of us are interviewed there will be time for questions from the audience and the chance to buy signed copies of our books.

Oundle Litfest Poster

Poster for Helen’s Author Event at the Oundle Literature Festival.

April events:

The next workshop topic at Spalding Library is world-building. Whatever genre you write in, be it SF/fantasy or horror, spy thrillers, murder mysteries or historical romance, you’ll need to make your setting believable as part of your campaign to keep the reader turning the page. Here’s how!

Poster for Building a Believable World I

Poster for Building a Believable World I

Fiction Fix returns on 2nd April with a new local author among the regular contributors to this event. Will Stebbings reads from his novel Off the Mark, along with regular readers Jilly, Morgan and Helen. Other readers still to be confirmed.

Poster for Fiction Fix on 2nd April

Poster for April Fiction Fix

March events:

Next writers’ workshop at Spalding Library: 

Poster for March writers' workshop

Poster for Person, Point of View and Characterisation II writers’ workshop

Next Fiction Fix at The Draper’s Arms, Cowgate, Peterborough, on Sunday 5th March:

March Fiction Fix poster

Poster for March 2017 Fiction Fix

The final chapters of Floodtide are now available to read – sorry for the delay!

(I’ll leave them up a bit longer to make up for it!)

Upcoming Events in February

The latest writers’ workshop at Spalding Library is on Saturday, 11th February:

Poster for February writers' workshop at Spalding Library

Poster for Person, Point of View and Characterisation I

Sunday night’s Fiction Fix brought a cancellation, a new reader, and a rather chilly night to Peterborough!

We opened with local SF writer Jilly Paddock Paddock reading from her short story The Third Worst Thing that can Happen on Mars, followed by poet and artist Graham Ward reading his short story Rocket Man. Helen Gould then read a selection from her novel Floodtide which followed Chixi, one of the two villains in the story.
After the break Jilly read from her novel Starchild (in the Anna and Zenni series which also includes With Amber Tears). Ron Graves sent his apologies so new reader Sean McCann stepped in with his story Mothrolites, and read with enormous passion and energy! Helen finished with a couple of scenes from the second part of her upcoming novel The Zarduth Imperative.
It was a cool and rather dreary night, but we had fun, and it was warm in the pub, mostly, and had the great atmosphere of a British local which is an essential background ingredient of this type of event.

Peterborough Fiction Fix now has a Facebook group: The Finger on the Pulse. If you’re on Facebook and are interested in being part of Fiction Fix, PM me and I’ll add you as a member of the group – that way you’ll get up-to-date information about this monthly event as it gets posted.

Poster for Fiction Fix meeting, February 2017

Poster for Fiction Fix meeting, February 2017

What a great night at the Draper’s Arms last night! Many thanks to all the people who turned up and either read or listened. I managed to speak to most people…Read more here>>

The local January events are as follows: 

Next workshop at Spalding Library:

Story-Telling for Writers II poster

Poster for the next writers’ workshop at Spalding Library

January Fiction Fix meeting: 


Interested in these? Then find out more about them: Read more here >>

Read what other readers have said about Floodtide on the OUT NOW PAGE, and read chapters 27 – 29 for free here>>

Out now on Kindle: Matthew R Cash’s 12Days horror anthology

Cover for 12Days anthology

Cover for 12Days anthology

I mention this because I have a short story in it, Avenging Angel. The anthology consists of 12 “countdown stories” based on the  song The Twelve Days of Christmas, plus a further cycle of stories with horror themes, again loosely based on various Christmas songs. My story is included in the wider anthology…

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Christmas Floodtide e-book price promotion

Hi everyone, just to let you know that I am running a price promotion on the Floodtide e-book from now until December 24th. Find out more>>

Latest events – read all about it!

As well as the December meeting below, there is a free workshop at The Deepings Library on Monday 28th November, and a very reasonably-priced one at Spalding Library on Saturday 10th December. Helen will also be appearing as part of the Telling It group at Huntingdon Author Festival on 3rd DecemberContinue reading here >>

Poster for Getting Started workshop at Deepings Library.

Poster for Getting Started workshop at Deepings Library.

Poster for the first part of Story-Telling for Writers.

Poster for the first part of Story-Telling for Writers.

December Peterborough Fiction Fix meeting:

December poster for Fiction Fix

December poster for Fiction Fix

November Peterborough Fiction Fix meeting

Fiction Fix took place on Sunday at The Draper’s Arms despite the cold and the rain and the lack of an audience this time – probably because of the aforementioned!
Readers this month were, in the self-published/independently-published section: Helen Claire Gould reading from her novel “Floodtide”; Paul G Jackson reading from his novel “Boomshot – Hunt for a Killer”; and Morgan Fitzsimon reading from her fantasy novel “The Last Enchanter”. In the Fiction-in-the-Making section, Jilly Paddock opened with a reading from her upcoming novel “Warbird”, and Helen read from her current work-in-progress, “The Zarduth Imperative”.

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Poster for November meeting

Poster for the third meeting of the Peterborough Fiction Fix

The Premiere of Peterborough Fiction Fix

We (I’m talking collectively here!) held the first Peterborough Fiction Fix on Sunday 4th September, at The Draper’s Arms on Cowgate in Peterborough. “We” consisted of myself (and my husband Mike came along to help), guest author Mark Fryday, local author Jilly Paddock, Ron Graves, poet extraordinaire and the founder of The Draper’s Arms Sunday night Poetry Gig, and Pete “Cardinal” Cox. A further contributing author was Brian Jones, but as Brian was unable to read – he had to look after his wife who was poorly, but did pop in briefly before we got going – Ron and I each read one of his short stories.

The idea is that each author will get a 20-minute slot, either in the Self-Made Fiction section (self-published fiction) or in the Fiction-in-the-Making section (unpublished fiction). Twenty minutes is about the length an author would get to read at a science fiction convention, or at an author event, so it allows unpublished and self-published authors…

Peterborough Fiction Fix next meeting

Poster for 2nd Peterborough Fiction Fix meeting

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Fiction Fix

Poster for Fiction Fix 1st meeting

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Calling all Writers Living in Peterborough

  •  Are you a writer living or working in Peterborough?
  • Have you self-published your novel(s) or short fiction?
  • Are you not yet published, either traditionally or independently?

I self-published my science fiction fantasy novel Floodtide on Kindle in 2014 and as a print book in 2015. I’ve been on local radio, and done readings at science fiction conventions, but it wasn’t long before I realised that there’s very little in the way of public exposure for fiction writers in the Peterborough area, so I decided to do something about it.

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Floodtide: My 40-year Journey to Publication

Something I get asked a lot, especially when I do a radio interview and reading, is how I came up with the idea for my novel Floodtide. The other thing I’m often asked is, “How long did it take you to write?”

The answer to the first question is easy. I had a dream. In the dream, I was two people at once, and it was the most emotional dream I have ever had. Specifically, I was two men at once (well, everything’s fluid in dreams!) and both of the men loved the mysterious third person in the dream, a female. The dream took place underground, but in the caves where it happened, there was both heat and ice. And the emotion I felt was passion, and it was the most passion I have ever felt in my life. It was more than passion. It was everything.

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Floodtide book trailer

Floodtide cover

Floodtide new cover for paperback edition



Read my new blog post about how I came to write Floodtide here.



You can buy the print version of Floodtide from this site by going to the PayPal buttons on the Out Now Page.

Read what other readers have said about Floodtide on the OUT NOW PAGE, and read chapters 1 – 3 for free here.

Serialisation of Floodtide – Update

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest chapters, I’m so sorry. We got back quite late yesterday from Lincoln, where we went to a music festival which included sets by Julie Felix and Lindisfarne. But I have updated the serial today, so the new chapters are Chapters 12-14. Enjoy…and I’ll try not to be late with the next 3 chapters next time!

Serialisation of Floodtide 

Starting today (1st May 2016), Floodtide will be serialised on this website. Throughout May you can read the first 5 chapters, and from then on the chapters will change on the 1st of each month. In June chapters 6 – 8 will be put up instead of the first 5 chapters, and in July chapters 9 – 11 will replace them, and so on until the serialisation finishes on the 28th February 2017. At that point, the first three chapters will go back up on www.Zarduth.com.        

So tell all your SFF-reading friends about this opportunity to follow Jordas, Yado and Soolkah’s adventures both on Naxada and off-planet, and encourage them to follow the serial!

Incidentally, if you can’t wait to read Floodtide on this site, you could consider borrowing it from either Peterborough Central Library or Stamford Library – it’s already on the shelf there (science fiction and fantasy section).


Story-Telling for Writers workshop, Saturday 28th November 

This Saturday’s writers’ workshop at Peterborough Central Library was very successful. I actually had to turn one person away because we were over-subscribed for the number of people who wanted to attend, and the general feeling was that it was a helpful summary of story-telling techniques which would make writing more interesting to readers and help writers to avoid common pitfalls. I have been in contact with everyone who

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Update on Stockists of Floodtide/Novacon report.

I haven’t been idle while the website was down for maintenance. I’ve been contacting shops, carrying out various events, and I’ve even been on TV, promoting the book, talking about writing and doing a bit of geology. That should be released later on, but in the meantime you can catch up with me on Cambridge TV on their website at: www.cambridge-tv.co.uk/The-Mac-episode-4/ This will take you directly to the programme I was in, although I was on right at the end of it, and it was heavily edited.

I have also run a workshop on Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle at Novacon, the SF convention which is run every November, which included a PowerPoint showing the relationship between plate tectonics, the rock cycle, the atmosphere and surface processes of the Earth, and a possible connection between the Moon and the origin of plate tectonics. The session was for just an hour, but also included was a selection of rocks, and I was able to show how they fitted into the various rock types on Earth, and show workshop participants how to use a hand lens to view rocks up close and personal. As the hero of Floodtide, Jordas, is a geologist, rocks are a major feature of the promotion of the novel, so it seemed logical to run a workshop as part of the convention.

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Floodtide is published today!

Floodtide cover

Floodtide new cover for paperback edition

Today (Monday 14th September) is the official publication date of the print version of Floodtide, and it will be available to buy, priced £9.99, from:

  • Waterstones, Bridge St., Peterborough, PE8 4BA;
  • The Oundle Bookshop, 13, Market Place, Oundle, Nr. Peterborough, PE8 4BA;
  • Close Encounters comics shop, at 59, Midland Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 1PW.

Other stockists will be added in the near future. In the meantime, the e-book version of Floodtide is still available from Amazon Kindle.







Furthermore, Floodtide will be available to order on-line soon, directly from the website.

To support all this, there is currently a teaser out on YouTube, which has been joined today by a book trailer – a little insight into the elements which give the book its twists and turns. The links are on the right-hand side of this page.

Book launch for Floodtide

In addition, a book launch is being held at Waterstones in Peterborough, at 7 – 8.30 pm on October 1st. This is a Thursday night, and also happens to be the late shopping night  in Peterborough. So come along and get your copy, get it signed at the same time, and there will be a display of rocks that would be encountered in the lava tubes of Naxada. If you haven’t visited the website before, or seen the teaser or trailer, you’ll also be able to see all of them.

TV head!

Can I have that? Well, other people seem to invent neologisms all the time…and on Friday morning I was a guest on Cambridge TV’s arts and entertainments show. I was interviewed by Sophie Blount, during which time we discussed how Floodtide came about and other similar questions. I also took along my signature rocks and minerals, which were a great hit with Sophie and the production team. I was really happy with how the interview went, and enjoyed it very much. It’s possible that I’ll be invited back to follow up on the geology at some point. It aired on Friday evening on Cambridge TV, which is available in the Cambridge area, but can also be viewed on the internet. As soon as I have the link I’ll post it here.


This week I’ve been on two local radio stations, Rutland Radio and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Rutland Radio is on 107.2 FM & 97.4 FM and serves the Oakham and Stamford areas. I recorded an interview at the studio with Rob Persani, and it will be on his show at some point over the next week. Rob is on air between 6 and 11 am on weekdays, and between 11 am and 1 pm on Saturdays (his day off is Sunday!)

My host at Radio Cambridgeshire yesterday was Sue Dougan, whose show is on from 12 noon to 3 pm on weekdays. I felt it went really well, and enjoyed the interview very much.  If you missed the show, you can listen on i-Player.

A Lovely Surprise

I had a fantastic day last Saturday at Peterborough Central Library, on Made in Peterborough: Authors’ Day. I arrived about half an hour before the event was due to start and set up on my table. I had a display of rocks and minerals which might be encountered in the lava tubes on Naxada, (the hero, Jordas, is a geologist and the novel has a geological setting) and my laptop, open on my website so that I could show it to visitors, along with leaflets about Floodtide (an e-book isn’t quite the same as a physical book!), and my iPad and Kindle so that I could show visitors.

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Made in Peterborough: Authors’ Day

On Saturday 7th February, coinciding with National Libraries’ Day, an author event featuring local talent will be held at Peterborough Central Library. I will be there all day: from 10 am to 12 noon I will have a table in the library, on the ground floor, and will have information about my e-book Floodtide, and will be speaking to the public, reading from the novel, and will have a display of rocks related to those mentioned in the novel, or related to the environment described, as my degree is in Geology and Planetary Science.

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Arts Festival Writers’ Workshops a success!

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How did I get into SF and writing?

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Writing: My Thoughts

I believe that readers want to suffer with the characters, but from the comfort of their armchairs. So I made it my mission to make my writing as believable as possible. This includes using the multiple shifting viewpoint, sometimes with just two characters, often gathering information from many to build the story.

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So Sorry to Hear Graham Joyce is No Longer With Us

I’ve been very focused in on getting my novel ready for publication and have only just heard that Graham Joyce died of cancer back in September. I met him a few times, mostly on writers’ workshops or at conventions. What a lovely guy! I always felt that if I met him I could ask his advice or opinion. I’ll miss you, Graham. Thank you so much for your encouragement to me as a writer.