Updated Leaflets

The leaflets are now available for my writing and self-publishing courses. The workshops are on Zoom, which has the benefit of allowing anyone to join from anywhere – theoretically!

So depending on where you live, the programmed courses may be more or less accessible to you. Hence I’ve included a little table of the start and finish times of the workshops, which are programmed in for Tuesday afternoons, or Monday evenings, a few days later.

I have just had to change four of the Monday evening dates (asterisked and in bold print in the table below), most to the following day (Tuesday evening) due to a clash with another commitment – but the writing one is moving back to the night it would have been on usually, as I’ve decided I won’t be able to go to the Worldcon in Glasgow this year due to family commitments.

If you don’t see a time when you can easily attend, but are interested in a particular workshop, please get in touch. I do still offer private lessons or group lessons. Contact me on 07771-884667 or by e-mail at

Workshops are on Zoom and include a PowerPoint presentation, examples, handouts and time to carry out assignments in either writing or self-publishing. Some work is intended to be done as part of a small group, or a whole class group, or individually.

Helen Claire Gould was a professional trainer and evening class teacher in a previous incarnation and is experienced both in writing courses and in presenting them.

You may find this useful if you live in the USA!

Writing Course

There’s a change on one of the dates in the brochure below.

Self-Publishing Course

There are some changed dates on this course as well. 

The leaflets include an FAQ section which gives you all the information required to book a place on the courses above. I hope you enjoy reading them and look forwards to seeing you on my Zoom courses.