Trailer for Floodtide

Video trailer for my novel Floodtide, which is published today, Monday September 14th 2015. Many thanks to Alex Storer for his fantastic artwork, music composition, and editing, not to mention encouragement; and to Ormiston Bushfield Academy for the use of their recording studio, along with the talents and help of David Leighton, Sound Mix Engineer, and my son Jason Gould, who did extra recording and sound mixing and editing.


Also many thanks to the talented young actors of OBA’s Performing Arts Department: Kris Sikora (Marcus Carlin, Aa’kam); Jason Gould (Jordas Krata, Jeeban); Matt Moules (Chixi, Matt Johnson, Araz); Katie Pasby (Soolkah); Jack Brown (Yado, Senator Hartmann); and to Matt Thorpe (Ray Travers) and Mrs Angela Proudlock (Gujas, Voiceover), who stepped in at the last minute as she has a long-standing connection to the story, having been my audience during the writing stages. Thank you all so much, guys, it’s been such a pleasure working with you.