These Terms and Conditions of Workshop Tickets Booking relate only to workshop tickets purchased from Helen Claire Gould Books, although they cover tickets booked through www.Zarduth.com and those booked directly from the site owner, Helen Claire Gould. They do not relate to any tickets for any other purpose, purchased from any other site.

These terms and conditions can be downloaded from www.Zarduth.com and printed off. Tickets paid for by cheque are dealt with directly by Helen Claire Gould Books, but the same terms and conditions apply to their sale.

All details of Workshops, including, but not limited to, workshop start and end times, venue, ticket prices and place availability are entered onto the www.Zarduth.com website and checked for accuracy by Helen Claire Gould for Helen Claire Gould Books.

Tickets relate to events at specific venues and dates, and cannot be transferred between venues for the customer’s convenience; however, some information will be given on the website about the availability of public transport, parking and facilities at each venue used. Tickets cannot be transferred from one customer to another, however, it is possible to buy a ticket for another person (i.e. as a present). This is in addition to your statutory rights.

Tickets purchased directly through the site www.Zarduth.com are paid for via Paypal for your security, via buttons on the site created by the site owner through Paypal, which simply handles the payment process and collection of payments on behalf of Helen Claire Gould Books. Tickets purchased by telephone can be paid for by cheque, made payable to Mrs H C Gould.

Whether you purchase a workshop ticket by phone or from the site, your details will go onto a registration list, to be confirmed at the start of the workshop, during the registration period. At the workshop you will have the option to leave your contact details so that you can be contacted when new workshops are booked, but if you choose not to do that, your details will be removed from our mailing list.

When you purchase a workshop ticket via Paypal, clicking the button on the website takes you through to Paypal. There you will be asked to log in and complete details of your purchase through the website, and an e-mail will be sent to the Helen Claire Gould Books to notify the website owner that a purchase has been made. You will then receive your tickets by e-mail as an attachment which can be printed off to take with you to the workshop.

Tickets can be issued in either of two formats:

  • E-Tickets (e-mailed to you immediately following the successful purchase of tickets and that you will need to print and present at the venue);
  • Traditional tickets (sent to you by post (time permitting) prior to the event).

Your contract begins when you purchase a ticket for a workshop and ends either when you attend the workshop, or when you return the ticket within the 14-day cooling-off period for a refund.

The Returns address is the same as the Purchase address for tickets purchased over the telephone:

Helen Claire Gould Books,

Fig Tree House,

28, Bathurst,

Orton Goldhay,


PE2 5QH.

Contact details: telephone: 01733-232127; e-mail: helengould.zarduth@rocketmail.com

Prices: All prices displayed on the website are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Helen Claire Gould is not registered for VAT.

The language available on the website is limited to English, this site being under UK jurisdiction.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent when an order is received via Paypal from the website. On receipt of this e-mail, please check your order is correct; if not, please notify Helen Claire Gould Books so that we can rectify the situation.

A confirmation e-mail or letter of confirmation will be sent on receipt of orders by phone to customers who pay by cheque. On receipt of this letter, please check your order is correct; if not, please notify Helen Claire Gould Books so that we can rectify the situation.

Orders paid for via Paypal will be delivered by e-mail, whilst those paid for by cheque will be delivered by either e-mail or Royal Mail. You will also be notified by letter or e-mail, if purchased by phone, or by e-mail if purchased through this site, when the item has been despatched. If being sent by e-mail, the tickets will arrive separately.

Delivery costs:

Tickets are inclusive of delivery costs where applicable, so the price you pay will not have postage added to it.

Prices are displayed beside the PayPal buttons on the Upcoming Events page of the website and in leaflets used as promotional material for the event. Tickets are sent out first class by Royal Mail (should arrive in 2-3 days) or by return e-mail. Please note that as tickets are posted using Royal Mail’s services, Helen Claire Gould Books is not responsible should an order take longer than usual to arrive; however, if an order has not arrived 14 days after the original posting date, or earlier if the workshop is sooner, please contact Helen Claire Gould Books at www.Zarduth.com or on 01733-232127 so that we can investigate.

Payment method:

Online orders are handled securely by PayPal, through which any refunds to your account will be arranged should one be owed, either full or partial. Tickets may alternatively be paid for by cheque.

Customers can search the www.Zarduth.com website for details of the specific workshop they are interested in. They may then, via e-mail or telephone (01733-232127), specify the quantity of places they wish to pay for on that workshop at that date, time and venue. Workshop tickets may be paid for via Paypal buttons on the site (details confirmed by e-mail) or by cheque (details confirmed by letter or e-mail).

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel a place on your chosen workshop, please read this section. This Returns Policy does not affect your statutory rights. All cancellation claims should be sent to the Returns Address above and include evidence of payment (i.e. the ticket). Helen Claire Gould Books reserves the right to re-sell your place on the course concerned once you have notified us that you cannot attend and will require a refund.

Refunds and exchanges

If the ticket you receive is not what you ordered (incorrect ticket), please return it for the correct ticket by contacting Helen Claire Gould Books via the website (www.Zarduth.com) or by telephone (01733-232127). Helen Claire Gould Books is unable to exchange tickets for any other reason. All cancellation claims must be supported by evidence of payment (i.e. the ticket). If it was delivered to you via e-mail, please return it by e-mail, and if it was delivered to you via Royal Mail, please post it back by Royal Mail.

Provided the original ticket is returned to us within 7 days, your postage costs will be refunded. If you do not return the original ticket to us by the end of the 7-day period, we reserve the right to charge an amount equal to the price of your original order to the Paypal account you used for the order.


When you return your ticket to us, we will process the returned ticket, then notify you via e-mail of your refund. Within 21 days of our receipt of your return, you will receive a refund by the same method of payment you used for the original order.

Should Helen Claire Gould have to cancel a workshop for whatever reason, you will be notified by e-mail or post and the cost of your ticket refunded within 21 days of that notification e-mail or letter.


Incorrect Tickets returned for exchange: in accordance with our returns policy, if you are returning a ticket because of an error on our part, we will refund any postage incurred in returning the ticket to us. This does not apply to tickets delivered to you via e-mail.

Your Statutory Rights

14-day cooling-off period: UK and EU regulations require a 14-day cooling-off period following the purchase of tickets for our workshops. To cancel your purchase within the fourteen-day cooling-off period, please contact us without delay, especially if near the time when the course is due to run; and return the relevant ticket(s), by post if sent to you by post, or as an e-mail attachment if sent to you by e-mail, and send it to us, with the delivery note, so that we receive it within fourteen days of the day after the date that the ticket was delivered to you.

We will refund the cost of the ticket within 21 days from the date you contact us, either by phone or by e-mail.

 Please note that all cancellation claims must be supported by evidence of payment (i.e. the ticket). We will, however, not pay for the return of the ticket by post should you simply change your mind. This policy is in accordance with your statutory rights.

Helen Claire Gould Books do not deliver or accept orders for workshop tickets outside the UK (see delivery costs section above) or collect tickets from clients.

We will only refund your costs in returning the ticket to us if you return it to us because of an error on our part. This is in addition to your statutory rights. Please note that you will therefore be responsible for the costs of returning the ticket to us should you decide to cancel your order. If we do not receive the ticket back from you with the delivery e-mail or slip, we may arrange for collection of the ticket from you at your cost.

On receipt of notice of your cancellation of an order, we will refund the relevant part of the purchase price for that ticket, together with the ticket’s normal postage charge – we cannot refund any priority, express or courier component of the postage charge.

Summary of Cancellation Policy on Refund of Postage on Returned Tickets.


Circumstances of withdrawal from contract Payment of return postage by

Helen Claire Gould Books

If returning tickets for a refund under 14-day cancellation clause: No
If returning tickets because the wrong one was sent out by Helen Claire Gould Books:
  • If sent out by e-mail, no. Please return the ticket via e-mail as proof of payment. The replacement ticket will be despatched to you by e-mail.
  • If sent out by post, yes. Please return the ticket by post as proof of payment. A new ticket will be despatched to you by post.

This policy complies with the conditions required on the Gov.uk: Selling Online and Overseas page.

Helen Claire Gould Books reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy periodically. We recommend you keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy.